Auto Leather Sticky Topcoat Refinishing Kit

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Auto Leather Sticky Topcoat Refinishing Kit by Leather Doctor restores the sticky problem associated with deteriorating urethane topcoat, especially to the body-exposed areas like the armrest and headrest. The system includes removing foreign contamination, pH balancing, a fresh new crosslinking top coat applied, and a non-stick protector for another lease of useful life.

How the Sticky Topcoat Refinishing System Works!

Pro Cleaner-1.5 (pH 1.5) takes care of the general non-body contact areas, followed by Acidifier-2.0 as a rinse.

Restorative cleaning both removes foreign contamination and reduces stickiness at the same time. Stripping the surface contamination aged conditioners and protectors to the original finishes is done by Degreaser-2.2 with the help of Eraser-4 for better traction to remove surface soilings. Less body contact areas are generally cleaned over with Pro Cleaner-1.5 in the same manner.

Suspended soiling is towel extracted simultaneously and rinsed with Acidifier-2.0 until it shows clean.

Fine sanding helps remove deteriorated sticky clear topcoat, which turns powdery white but will cease when the sandpaper picks up color, and the dust-free surface is ready to receive new top coatings.

A 10% Crosslinker-25 is mandatory for the MicroTop-54S before refinishing for extra finish strength from stickiness. The application is dry between coatings to match the original luster level.

Protector-B imparts a non-stick buttery feel against sticky soiling and is rub-resistant against friction wear. The optional Scent Protector-B+ extra feature further diffuses a leather scent enhancing the leather sensuously and luxuriously.

This starter kit is bundled as a holistic system for three coatings of MicroTop-54S + Crosslinker-25 and covers approximately 80 square feet. Optional add-ons and refills are available as individual bottles.

Preparation Instruction:

Step-1. Protect the floor with plastic covering from overspray and drips before stripping accumulated soiling.

Step-2. Shake the Degreaser-2.2 to gel before use.

Step-3. Transfer to the horsehair Brush-1 or Eraser-4 for cleaning and scrubbing.

Step-4. Apply with agitation onto the leather finish to remove surface soiling.

Step-5. Suspended soiling is extracted with a lint-free towel or cleaning sponge until the towel shows clean.

Step-6. Acidifier-2.0 is sprayed and agitated with horsehair Brush-1 or Eraser-4 and extracted until the towel shows clean again.

Step-7. When dry, sand the surface roughness and ensure free of foreign material with 2000-grit sandpaper.

Step-8. Speed dry with a hair dryer, free of residue, and ready for topcoat application.

Refinishing Instruction:

Step-1. Crosslinker-25 10% is added into the MicroTop-54S to control existing stickiness. Empty the entire 7gm of Crosslinker-25 into the 70ml half-filled bottle of MicroTop-54S and stir or swill it well. Once the topcoat is cross-linked, it is best to use it within 8 hours, or it will be cured hard and useless.

Step-2. Apply topcoat by foam brush lightly to avoid streaks, use soft varnishing brushes for a streaks-free result, or airbrush it for a professional result.

Step-3. Steaks are corrected by fine 2000-grit sanding when dry.

Step-4. Use a hair dryer for speed drying in-between coats to satisfaction.

Step-5. Let it overnight cure before non-stick protection.

Non-Stick Protection Instruction:

Step-1. Protector-B or Scent ProtectorB+ is applied evenly with either a foam brush or paper towel and is ready for use when dry.

Step-2. For routine application, a paper towel is recommended for simultaneously extracting soiling.


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