Aniline Top 86S

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Aniline Top 86S by Leather Doctor is a heavy-duty SATIN topcoat for Ford King Ranch leather to produce a satin effect over the Aniline Top 86G foundation.

People Also Ask:

Why Aniline Top 86S is used over Aniline Top 86G?

It is recommended that the first coating is applied with Gloss that gives the best performance, and luster preference for satin or matte is applied over accordingly.

How to Rectify Existing Finish Tackiness?

To rectify existing finish tackiness or extra water-resistant add up to 10% of Crosslinker-25.

How to work with Aniline Top 86S?

1- Use lint-free padding or airbrushing for a professional result.

2- Let dry in between applications.

How to increase the Durability of Topcoat?

Protector B is highly recommended as a non-stick, rub-resistance protection, and a classic leather scent is an option with Protector B Plus

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review