Aniline Staining Dye 21

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Aniline Staining Dye 21 by Leather Doctor is a new generation water-based transparent staining dyestuff that is more lively and brilliant than most liquid dyes.

Aniline Staining Dye 21 provides superior light fastness and fade resistance than most standard liquid dyes formulated for redyeing absorbent aniline, nubuck, and suede.

People Also Ask:

1. How to Dye smooth leather with Aniline Staining Dye 21?

2. How to Dye Nubuck and Suede with Aniline Dye 21?

3. How to Airbrush Nubuck and Suede with Aniline Staining Dye 21?

4. Dye Color Shading Examples?

1. How to dye smooth leather with Aniline Staining Dye 21?

 1. A: Degreasing:

1. A.1: Degreaser 2.2 is used to remove the presence of body grease and oil, especially in those body contact areas.

1. A.2: Rinse 3.0 is used to remove suspended soiling.

1. A.3: Acidifier 2.0 is used to control bleeding.

1. B: Stain Removal:

1. B.1: Stains are removed accordingly, otherwise, the darkest stain becomes the lightest color choice just to camouflage it, especially when working with transparent dyestuff the beauty of the grain and the blemishes both equally will show through.

1. C: Pre-inspection for Surface Tension:

1. C.1: Hydrator 3.3 is used to inspect for any surface tension, especially in heavily used areas.

1. D: Surface Soil Removal:

1. D.1: A leather eraser or Eraser 4 is used in addition to a horsehair brush to remove suspended dry soiling.

1. E: Dye Staining:

1. E.1: Aniline 21 staining can be applied with lint-free paper towels, plush, foam, or high-quality varnishing brushes; without surface contact, airbrushing produces the best result.

1. E.2: Fast dry with an air blower and the surface is inspected for evenness or correction until satisfaction.

1. F: Leather Softening with Fatliquor-5.0

1. F.1: Hydrator 3.3 is used to relax the leather before fatliquoring.

1. F.2: Fatliquor 5.0 is used to replenish the leather with fat and oil for softness when the leather dries

1. G: Repair:

1. G.1: Adhesor 73 is used to smooth surface wear and abrasion by sight or by the feel of the hand.

1. G.2: Glue 3D is used to bond flaps and tears.

1. G.3: Patch 4S is used as a repair sub-patch.

1. H: Topcoating:

1.H.1: Aniline Top 21G is used to lock in the dyestuff from crocking and bleeding. A heavy-duty version is to use Aniline Top 76G.

1. I: Non-Stick Protection:

1. I.1: Use Protector B Plus or Protector B.

2: What is the General Sequence of Re-dyeing for Nubuck and Suede with Aniline 21?

2. A: The general sequence is similar with leather except for the brushes, erasers, and airbrushing accordingly.

2. A.1: Nubuck - use a Nubuck Brush 2, Eraser-4, and Protector S or Protector S Plus

2. A.2: Nappa-Suede - use Suede Brush 2, Eraser 4, and Protector S or Protector S Plus.

2. A.3: Split-Suede - use Split Brush 3 and or Eraser 5 and ProtectorW'plus or Protector W.

3: How to Airbrush Nubuck and Suede with Aniline Staining Dye 21?

3. 1: Staining is done with airbrushing with better control for distributing dyestuff to produce the best result.

3. 1.1: Set air pressure (80 to 100psi).

3. 1.2: Adjust to cone-shaped spray.

3. 1.3: Increase atomization and decrease feed.

3. 1.4: Spray in a circular motion with deep brushing without saturation.

3. 1.5: Repeat a section at a time and brush accordingly.

3. 1.6: Brush again when dry for a “finger writing effect”.

3. 1.7: Fix dye with Acidifier 2.0, by application, brushing, and towel extract excess dye until towel shows clear.

3. 1.8: Hydrate with Hydrator 3.3 to relax and extract excess dye.

3. 1.9: Fatliquoring with Fatliquor 5.0, let water content evaporate, and reapply to satisfaction when dry.

3. 1.10: Any surface residue from Fatliquor 5.0 is removed by wiping with Hydrator 3.3 and leave to natural dry.

3. 1.11: Protector S or S Plus is applied and is ready to use when dry.

Dye Color Shading Examples:

Ready to use Dye after mixing with distilled water can be further diluted with Hydrator 3.3 to the desired color shade accordingly.


 #1 Aniline 21 with 3 parts Hydrator 3.3



 #2 Aniline 21 with 2 parts Hydrator 3.3



 #3 Aniline 21 with 1 part Hydrator 3.3



#4 Aniline 21


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