Aniline Coating Dye 76

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Aniline Coating Dye 76 by Leather Doctor is a new generation transparent surface coating dyestuff that dyes by coating to provide excellent coverage.

Aniline 76 is a vivid and bright surface-coating dye that can be used to coat over existing bronzing staining dye effects such as Aniline 21 or existing finishes to enhance the color intensity.

1: How Transparent Aniline Coating Dye 76 Work?

1.1: Transparent color intensity increases with layers and is similar to working with water coloring in painting.

1.2: Overlapping strokes will produce a deeper color intensity.

1.3: To achieve a consistent lighter color range, the original color will need to be diluted with a 'Clear' color accordingly.

1.4: Always do a test with the color to determine the desired result.

1.5: Always do a test on the application method used to achieve the desired color intensity before actual work.

1.6: Airbrushing with a pressure of 80 to 100 psi will produce the best result in color consistency.

1.7: Other application methods including using a varnishing brush, padding with a folding towel, etc may produce different results.

1.8: In practice, color shading can be achieved in 2 methods, method 1 is by fine application evenly with Paasche Airbrush will produce a professional appearance. Method 2 is by brushing or padding hand technique to create a salvage appearance.

1.9: The color intensity can also be predetermined by first mixing with 'Clear' to lower it, and applying accordingly to produce an even appearance or a salvage appearance depending on the application tools used.


1.10: The above is a shading example with Antique-Brown on the 1st row with color intensity increasing from right to left.

1.11: The 2nd row shows Antique-Brown mixed with 3 parts of 'Clear' and color intensity similarly increases from right to left.

1.12: This example uses a small cotton bud to illustrate the overlapping shade created.

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