Alcantara and Microfiber Care Kit AC3

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Product Overview

Alcantara and Microfiber Care Kit AC3 by Leather Doctor is an innovative system developed to keep Alcantara / Microfiber and all fabric except rayon and silk at the highest level of appearance while reducing friction rubs and sticky soiling. Practically most body oil, grease, and sweat are removed by Degreaser-2.2 > Acidifier-2.0 system. Restorative cleaning is performed with CleanSuper-4.9, a super heavy-duty pre-cleaner that follows with CleanAlcantara-4.5 follows with RinseAlcantara-2.3. Periodic cleaning of light soiling is performed with CleanAlcantara-4.5 follows with RinseAlcantara-2.3. Non-stick, rub-resistance protection is complete with Protector-S to add a fine luxurious silky feel to the touch. Save on shipping only with the ‘Fill’ version which weights only 0.6kg. Thus all the 250ml spray bottles have to be cut/mix and fils with distilled water prior to use.


Preventive Maintenance:

New furnishings and automobile interiors are first protected with Protector-S to impart a non-stick, rub-resistant silky-feel to the touch by 1- Vacuuming. 2- Spray and spread with Towel-5. 3- Groom with detailing nylon Brush-2, leave to dry. 4- When dry grooms again and is ready for use.

Periodic Cleaning:

Periodic cleaning keeps a higher level of appearance at all times and light soiling is remove by CleanAlcantara-4.5 > RinseAlcantara-2.3 system. 1- Spray CleanAlcantara-4.5, agitate with stiff nylon Brush-2 and use a dry terry cotton towel to extract soiling until it shows clean. 2- Spray RinseAlcantara-2.3 and towel extract until towel shows clean.  3- Protect with Protector-S by spraying and spreading with Towel-5, 4- Groom and let dry. 5- Groom again for a silky ‘finger writing effect’ when dry and is ready to use.

Restorative Cleaning:

Restorative cleaning is necessary to restore long neglect or after a heavy usage with a matching super heavy-duty CleanSuper-4.9 as a pre-cleaning conditioner. 1- CleanSuper-4.9 is spray and agitates with stiff nylon detailing Brush-2 and towel extract using a highly absorbent cotton terry towel until it shows clean. 2- Sticky residue is removed with CleanAlcantara-4.5 and follows with RinseAlcantara-2.3 until towel shows clean. 3- Protect with Protector-S by spraying and spreading with Towel-5, 4- Groom and let dry. 5- Groom again for a silky ‘finger writing effect’ when dry and is ready to use.


Body oil, grease and sweat accumulation like steering wheel, headrest and armrest are degreased with Degreaser-2.2 > Acidifier-2.0 system. 1- Apply Degreaser-2.2 spread and agitates with nylon detailing Brush-2 at an angle and let dwell 10 to 30 minutes or before it dries. 2- Cotton terry towel extract until the towel shows clean. 3- Apply Acidifier-2.0 agitates with brush and towel extract until it shows clean. 4- Groom the nap and let dry. 5- Groom again when dry. 6- Apply Protector-S and spread with Towel-5, groom the nap and let dry. 7- When dry grooms again and is ready to use.


Degreaser-2.2 (120ml)

Leather Doctor Degreaser-2.2 is a pH of 2.2 water-based degreaser. It is formulated for degreasing penetrated oil, grease and sweat stains from skin, and hair contact, especially the headrest and armrest of upholstery, collar, and cuffs of the garment, handles of the bag including the steering wheel. It works best in conjunction with Acidifier-2.0 for heavy sweat. Works with dry absorbent cotton terry towel for soil extraction until towel shows clean.

Acidifier-2.0 (250ml)

Leather Doctor Acidifier-2.0 is a water-based pH 2.0 acidifier rinse develop in conjunction with body oil, grease and sweat decontamination system. As a standalone, it is used for pH balancing alkaline overexposure that manifests as marks, streaks, brightness, and tackiness. This universal acidifier is for all leather, suede, nubuck, Alcantara and all fabric except rayon and silk.

CleanSuper-4.9 (250ml)

Leather Doctor CleanSuper-4.9 is a pH of 4.9 water based super cleaner. This super heavy-duty cleaner is formulated for those frequent body contact areas, like headrest and armrest of upholstery and steering wheels of automobiles. It works by allowing sufficient dwell-time for complete soil suspension to occur prior to cleaning in conjunction with CleanAlcantara-3.8 and RinseAlcantara-3.0 as a holistic fabric care system. For prolonged penetrated stubborn body and hair oil, grease and sweat stains working with Degreaser-2.2 in conjunction with Acidifier-2.0 as a holistic system is highly recommended.

CleanAlcantara-4.5 (250ml)

Leather Doctor CleanAlcantara-4.5 is a water-based fabric-safe cleaner with a pH value of 4.5 formulated for all leather, nubuck, suede, Alcantara, Microfiber and all fabric silk and rayon. It is an all-purpose fabric-safe mild anionic universal cleaner without the potential side effects like rings and browning on sensitive leather, suede nubuck or fabric. It is particularly effective in emulsifying oily soils and in suspending particulates. It works by penetrating, lubricating and suspending soiling safely and effectively through gentle chemical reaction. In a holistic cleaning system, it is highly recommended to follow through with RinseAlcantara-2.3 to ceases potential remaining residue from overworking.

RinseAlcantara-2.3 (250ml)

Leather Doctor RinseAlcantara-2.3 is a pH-2.3 waterbased fabric-safe universal rinse for leather, nubuck, suede, Alcantara, Microfiber and all fabric except rayon and silk. It neutralizes alkalinity and removes suspended soiling by towel extraction.

Protector-S (250ml)

Leather Doctor Protector-S is developed for Alcantara, Microfiber, pure-aniline, nubuck, suede, hair-on and woolskin except for rayon and silk. This is a non-film forming, non-stick, a rub-resistant protector that enhances a natural silky-feel. It imparts a non-stick, breathable barrier, essentially to shield the detrimental effects of sticky soiling, including preventing ballpoint from dispensing its nasty ink when comes in contact. Its natural silky-feel protection increases the fabric resistance to wet and dry rubs, thus reduce stretch, scuff, and abrasion. In addition, it reduces friction squeaks that wear the finishes when the fabric is rubbed during movement.

NylonBrush-2 (1pc)

NylonBrush-2 is stiff nylon detailing brush is design ergonomically to be an extension of your hand with sturdy grooved grip, designed to produce effective result easily and efficiently. It is recommended for Alcantara, Microfiber, nubuck and fine suede, for a gentle effective agitation cleaning with a fine brush soft setting to the nap. Length is 7 inches with a three-row black bristle 1½ inches cleaning head.

Towel-5 (5pcs)

Paper Towel Rags rag works like cloth, lint-free, highly absorbent and washable. Use for spreading product applications.

Terry Cotton Towel (1pc)

100% soft washable cotton terry towel in 33cm x 33cm / 13in x 13in used for soil extraction.


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