Vachetta Redox Cleaner-2.8

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Vachetta Redox Cleaner-2.8 by Leather Doctor is a reduction-oxidation reaction cleaner for sun-darkening, browning, stains from water & tarnishing & emulsifying oil & grease 

Vachetta-2.8 is a specialty redox leather cleaner, especially for unfinished veg-tan leathers popularly known as Vachetta.

People Also Ask:

What is Vachetta?

Vachetta leather is vegetable-tanned also known as saddlery, bridle, equestrian, craft, or tooling leather, and can be found in bags, boots, wallets, and furniture.

Why Vachetta Leather becomes Browns?

Vachetta when new has a pale biscuit color and when exposed to sunlight and UV light the natural vegetable tannins take up a suntan color just like our pale skin under sunlight.

Why Vachetta Leather Develop Water Spotting?

Vachetta leather has a lower pH-neutral point than most other tanning types between 3 and 5, and any solution above a pH value of 7 will water spots the pH-sensitive Vachetta leather.

How to Prevent Vachetta Existing Cracks from Accentuating?

Vachetta leather is fatliquor thirsty more than other leather tanning types, so when existing cracks are apparent the leather is already too dry of its fat and oil content to take another wet-to-dry conditioning as empty shrinkage will further accentuate the existing cracks.

Vachetta fatliquor conditioning topping up is to prevent existing cracks from accentuating and magnifying when leather dries empty of fat and oil.

Vachetta leather is not recommended to be dried without sufficient fat and oil content, in simple words.

How to Remove Vachetta Dark Greasy Stains?

Vachetta leather when it turns dark color with usage and evidence of cracks in most cases, especially to constant body contact areas like bag handles, will require a leather degreasing process using Degreaser-2.2 followed by Acidifier-2.0 as a rinse with a horsehair brush and a leather eraser for better frictional removal of the greasy soiling.

When to Fatliquor Condition Vachetta?

Vachetta fatliquor conditioning commences when leather is still damp from the Rinse-3.0 or Acidifier-2.0. Hydrator-3.3 is used to relax the leather and Fatliquor-5.0 to replenish the essential fat and oil.

When to Treat the Stains from Vachetta?

Vachetta stains that require a reduction-oxidation reaction treatment are performed when the leather is dry. The result will show when the leather is completely dry after treatment.

How Vachetta-2.8 Treatment is Done?

Vachetta-2.8 may be sprayed and extracted with a wettable towel until the towel shows clean, only on fatliquor replenished or conditioned leathers. Otherwise on new leathers that have a high percentage of fat and oil content. And the treatment result is inspected when the leather is completely dry. The residue is rinsed off with Rinse-3.0 from continue working in the presence of moisture.

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