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Product Overview

Razor 60 is a 60mm Ø tungsten leather razor tool for shaving unwanted finishes in a wet cleaning process for topcoat refinishing.

People Also Ask:

How to Remove Unwanted Leather Finishes with Razor 60?

Unwanted leather finishes are shaved off the leather grain with Razor 60. Like all shaving, the blade is held at a slant angle for safety and control. The thumb is placed on the center of the blade between the first finger and grip naturally for a shaving action.

Why Hydrator 3.3?

Hydrator 3.3 hydrates the leather and imparts lubricant and strength before physical action begins with Razor 60. Working wet reduces damage to the leather grain.

Why Fatliquor 5.0?

Fatliquor 5.0 adds fat and oil to the leather further increasing the wet tensile strength of the leather to take shaving with reduce further physical damages.

When to Start Shaving?

Shaving starts once the leather is hydrated and fat liquored, the leather becomes softer with strength and stretchable, allowing the leather to have its maximum stretch against the less stretchable and brittle finishes that just shiver when pulled taut before shaving.

Where to Start Shaving?

Recommended to start with the weak crack areas or areas in which the finish is the weakest and use a short firm stroke to shave or strip the unwanted off.

Here is an example of "wet shaving" topcoat during Hydrator-3.3 and "dry shaving" after Fatliquor-5.0


#1 Damaged Topcoat from Body Oil, Grease & Sweat.


#2 Wet Shaving of Topcoat during Hydrator-3.3


#3 Dry Shaving of Topcoat after Fatliquor-5.0


#4 Topcoat Refinishing









(No reviews yet) Write a Review