Nubuck Leather Protector S

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Nubuck Leather Protector S by Leather Doctor is a rub-resistant silky-feel protective conditioner for Nubuck, suede, hair-on, woolskin, and pure aniline leather.
The leather scent version is: Protector S Plus
Nubuck Leather Protector S is a non-film-forming, nonstick, rub-resistant protective conditioner that imparts a breathable barrier, essentially to shield the detrimental effects of sticky soiling, with a natural silky feel.
Nubuck Leather Protector S non-stick silky-feel prevents ballpoint from dispensing its nasty ink when comes in contact with the leather.
Nubuck Leather Protector S natural silky-feel conditioning increases the leather's resistance to wet and dry rubs, thus reducing stretch, scuff, and abrasion. In addition, it reduces friction squeaks that wear the finishes when leather is rubbed during movement.

How To Apply:

1* Cut/mix concentrates in the bottle with distilled water before use.

2* Identify, inspect, and dry soil removal before application.

3* Shake very well, fine mists spray on a cleaned surface and spread with a lint-free towel or sponge.

4* Groom Nubuck with Nubuck Brush 2 for a “finger writing effect” when dry.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review