Nubuck 4.5

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Product Overview

Nubuck 4.5 by Leather Doctor is an all-purpose universal mild cleaner without the potential side effects associated with rings and browning for Nubuck.

Nubuck 4.5 is a water-based cleaner with a pH value of 4.5 that safes on leather, suede, and all-natural and synthetic fabric lining excluding rayon and silk.

How Nubuck 4.5 Works?

Nubuck 4.5 is particularly effective in emulsifying oily soils and suspending particulates.

It works by penetrating, lubricating, and suspending soiling safely and effectively through gentle chemical reactions working in perfect harmony with all leather constituents that include the tanning agent, preservative, dyestuff, and especially the fatliquor for a nubuck-safe cleaning experience.

What is the Nubuck 4.5 Cleaning System?

In a holistic Nubuck 4.5 cleaning system it is highly recommended to follow through with Rinse Nubuck 2.3 to a healthy squeak, thus preventing or ceasing potential remaining residue from overworking.

Tools use with Nubuck 4.5:

Nubuck 4.5 works in conjunction with nubuck nylon Brush 2 and nubuck Eraser 4

How to Apply Nubuck 4.5?

1- Concentrates in the bottle has to be cut/mixed with distilled water before use.

2- Identify, inspect, test, and dry soil removal prior to application.

3- Shake well, spray, and agitate with nubuck detailing nylon Brush 2

4- Dwell for 10 to 30 minutes or before it dries for complete soil suspension to occur.

5- Extract suspended soiling – use a dry highly absorbent cotton towel.

How to Rinse with Rinse Nubuck 2.3?

1- Concentrates in the bottle has to be cut/mixed with distilled water before use.

2- Rinse remaining residue free of suds by spraying with Rinse Nubuck 2.3

3- Towel extract with a highly absorbent cotton towel.

Stubborn Soiling:

For stubborn soiling, use Prep 4.4 before going into other specialty products from the Nubuck Leather Problem Solving Guide.

Related Products Recommendation:

1- To reduce stickiness when necessary – use Acidifier 2.0.

2- To hydrate stiff leather – use Hydrator 3.3.

3- To soften and strengthen leather – use Fatliquor 5.0.

4- To impart a non-stick rub-resistant protection – Protector S or leather scent Protector S Plus.

Nubuck Leather Problem Solving Guide:




(No reviews yet) Write a Review