Leather Protein Cleaner 9.9

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Protein Cleaner 9.9 by Leather Doctor is a pH 9.9 stain remover for body discharge, milk, cream, ice cream, egg, vomit, and other protein-based stains.

People Also Ask:

How to use Leather Protein Cleaner 9.9?

Any staining that comes from a living animal or person will probably need this product in the removal process.

It is mandatory to follow with Leather Acidifier 2.0 to rinse and pH balance the alkalinity as a holistic leather-safe system.

Compound stains are further treated with Leather Tarnish Cleaner 1.3 for bloodstains and Leather Tannin Cleaner 3.5 for plant and vegetable-related coloring.

How to work with Leather Protein Cleaner 9.9?

1* Inspect and remove all caked and surface deposits prior to application.

2* Apply, agitate, and extract with repetition until the stain is removed.

3* Neutralize and rinse with mandatory Acidifier 2.0 until the towel shows clean to a squeaky feel.

Bloodstain Removal Caution!

Bloodstains tend to coagulate and bind tenaciously, thus using an appropriate tool like a bamboo skewer helps to dislodge the stain.

Caution! In most cases, the finishes are likely removed, then refinishing with coloring the topcoat has to factor into consideration.

What is Blood Stain?

A blood stain is a protein-based stain that has the tendency to coagulate with the leather protein fiber and makes removal tougher than other protein stains even working with appropriate leather protein stain removal.

It has also an iron component that will get darker in color when it ages.

Dried blood stains will range from tan to black with an outer ring.

When the protein component is first removed with Leather Protein Cleaner 9.9 and rinsed with Acidifier 2.0 neutralizing effect, the other secondary iron component present will need to go through another oxidation-reduction (redox) chemical reaction again when dry and neutralized with Leather Basifier 8.8.

Thereafter, another option available is leather conditioning to revive color intensity or color refinishing to camouflage remaining residue from compounded and failed attempt stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide, an example is not recommended for bloodstain removal on leather, as oxidation will “cook” the protein leather fiber and the bloodstain as well, altering their original chemistry, thus remaining stains may not match up with the chemistry of the mentioned products formulated for.

How to Remove Blood Stains on Nubuck leathers?

1* If the blood has dried and caked, the build-up area should be gently brushed with Nubuck Brush-2 or using a wooden ice-cream stick as a spatula.

2* Apply Cleaner 9.9 to the center of the stain and start massaging gently with Brush-2 or Spatula to break up the stain.

3* Continue applying by control to not overflow too far over the stain edge.

4* Agitate and towel extract until the towel shows clean.

5* Neutralize and rinse off the remaining residue with Acidifier 2.0 until the towel shows clean.

6* Allow drying for inspection.

7* Any traces of iron (rust) coloring component remaining is removed with Tarnish Cleaner 1.3.

8* Apply neatly onto the stain and let it naturally dry to do its (redox) oxidation-reduction reaction.

9* Inspect when dry for satisfaction or repeat treatment.

10* Satisfied result will need immediately neutralized and rinse off with Basifier-8.8.

11* Conditioning with Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 system is recommended to redistribute the surrounding fat and oil conditioner and dyestuff to improve the stained area.

12- Color refinishing is another option.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review