Leather Bicast Pro Cleaner-1.5

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Bicast Pro Cleaner-1.5 by Leather Doctor is a restorative cleaner to rectify sticky Bicast leather from body oil, grease, and sweat; using unsafe cleaners.

People Also Ask:

What is the Cause of Sticky Bicast Leather?

Sticky Bicast leather is mainly the result of accumulated body oil, grease, and sweat; long storage; exposure to inert gases; and further alkaline cleaners, incompatible oils, and conditioners often compound it.

How to Rectify Sticky Bicast Leather?

Sticky Bicast leather is rectified with Bicast Pro Cleaner-1.5 with its low pH value of 1.5 to tighten up the swelling of the urethane finishes at the molecular level thus reducing the stickiness.

What is the Working System of Bicast Pro Cleaner-1.5?

Bicast Pro Cleaner-1.5 works in conjunction with Degreaser-2.2 for penetrated body oil and grease and complimentary Acidifier-2.0 as a rinse to further reinforced the working effect.

How to Restore the Sticky Finishes?

The surface is inspected and tested for satisfaction. Protector-B a non-stick protector ends the temporary sticky rectification process.

In extreme cases where stickiness persists, refinishing the urethane topcoat with Bicast Top-76G and Crosslinker-25 as a hardener is highly recommended to end the sticky problem permanently.

How to Use Bicast Pro Cleaner-1.5?

1- Concentrates in the bottle has to be cut/mixed with distilled water prior to use.

2- Dry soil removal prior to application.

3- Test clean with a cotton swab, and check for satisfaction when dry.

4- Spray Pro Cleaner-1.5 and agitate with horsehair Brush-1 and/or leather Eraser-4 friction scrub to remove all surface sticking foreign residue and towel extract until it shows clean.

5- Spray Acidifier-2.0 and agitate with horsehair Brush-1 and/or leather Eraser-4 friction scrub and towel extract until towel shows clean.

6- Let dry, and inspect with hand to check for stickiness, if stickiness has improved and a temporary solution suffices, Protector-B may end the temporary problem.

Where a permanent solution is an objective, Bicast Top-76G plus Crosslinker-25 coatings to the desired gloss level, letting dry in-between coatings and finished with Protector-B ends this holistic approach to rectify leather stickiness permanently.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review