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Leather Repair Kit A8.r

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Kit A8.r
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Product Overview

Leather Repair Kit A8.r a Bonding, Tightening, and Smoothening repair system by Leather Doctor comes as a supplement to redyeing and coloring kits.

Leather Repair Kit A8.r is bundled from 4 handpicked products such as Bond 3D, Patch 4S, Impregnator 26, and Adhesor 73 as an essential repair system.

1* Bonding Repairs with Bond 3D is a water-based resin bond that becomes part of leather and often works with Patch 4S for leather repairs.

2* Tightening Repairs with Impregnator 26 penetrates the weakened, overstretched leather and tightens it becoming part of the leather.

3* Smooth Repairs with Adhesor 73 smooths the rough abraded surface and becomes part of the leather surface grain for further coat dyeing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review