Bicast Leather Upholstery

Bicast Leather Upholstery


Bicast - Bycast leather is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed.  Bicast was originally made for the shoe industry and was recently adopted for use by the furniture industry.  The result is a slightly stiffer product that is cheaper than top-grain leather but has a much more consistent texture and is easier to clean and maintain.  The use of terms like "leather", "genuine leather" or "100% leather" in relation to this Bicast treatment is considered a misrepresentation and therefore not permitted in some countries. Furniture made with Bicast exhibits none of the characteristics associated with aniline leather. With constant use, the often-flexed area may develop delamination and peeling; the sitting cushion may develop a split at the weak split veins and exposure to the inert gases develops stickiness to the urethane finishes.


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